Asset Management

The facility asset management module enables FM managers to keep track of assets and the related maintenance and preventative jobs.

This tool is used to keep a catalog of the assets or client assets such as computers, printers, and other office equipment (Space Management).

Our asset management module provided by FMPro offers a systematic record of the asset portfolio, such as the asset’s location, current condition, and written-down value.

This module enables users to maintain a clear and organized overview of their assets.

Importantly, our module ensures the optimal use of assets within an organization, while at the same guiding managers in future asset planning.

The facility asset management module of FMPro enables users to import asset data from an Excel spreadsheet, thus saving time.

Key Features

How it works?

The Asset Register

FMPro Asset Register contains details of the Assets that will be managed, and valued within the system. Assets managed within FMPro encompass a wide range of components and systems. It includes HVAC components, electrical systems, building components such as rooms, as well as linear assets like pipes or road sections. The system is designed to accommodate various types of assets, ensuring comprehensive management across diverse asset categories.

Assets Tagging

To streamline asset utiliization and facilitate easy identification, FMPro employs asset tagging through the use of adhesive labels. These labels can be affixed to equipment, enabling efficient processing and swift identification of assets. This approach simplifies asset tracking and enhances overall management efficiency. The asset tags will contain asset codes or identification numbers. Details about location, group or any other relevant association. The labels will be scannable to produce additional dynamic information about the asset.

Asset Prioritization

The Asset Prioritization Matrix will be the technique used to identify which assets are the most critical to work to maintain/renovating or replacing first. The Matrix will be used to rank Assets through issues generated by brainstorming.

Asset Life Cycle Management (ALCM)

Strategic asset life cycle management (ALCM) requires a focus on the complete life cycle of physical assets, from a multidisciplinary perspective. In order to enforce it, a comprehensive, smart yet standard ALCM solution is employed. This solution is designed to adhere to industry standards while incorporating smart features that enhance the overall management process. Therefore, we revert to the standards of ISO 55000 as a baseline when providing assets management. Relaying on the standards of ISO 55000, 55001 & 45001 allows for utilization of our CAFM system to deliver a comprehensive ALCM.

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